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Why is Yachting the Ultimate Solution for a Social Distancing Holiday?

eudemonia kyvos aerial polyaigos north 2 - Valef Yachts Chartering - 1030private yacht charter has long been revered as one of the most exclusive modes of vacation in the world, allowing for a full spectrum of luxury service with unparalleled accommodations, in the secure company of your own guests. All of this plus the beauty of arriving at new ports and coveted coves daily.

A vacation at sea sets the highest standard for worry-free vacations and furthermore, a yacht charter in Greece offers the most coastline and islands in all of the Mediterranean allowing for endless options to explore.

The feeling of freedom is experienced the moment the crew welcomes you aboard and then as the ropes are hoisted to set off into the blue horizon. The charter itinerary is always catered to the guests’ desires and needs, allowing for the ultimate social distancing. One needs to never be too close for comfort with other travelers on the islands.

Greece’s social distancing measures will be a benefit rather than a detriment to the traveler this summer with firm rules on the capacities of bars and restaurants, keeping socially safe measures.

Extended or long-term charters are also an excellent idea this 2020 season. Working remotely is now widely accepted and even incentivized, allowing for a long term charter to offer business persons flexibility and the opportunity to combine a family vacation while up-keeping their norms. A slower pace can be enjoyed navigating the islands and coastal towns with more quality time to enjoy each destination and moments aboard.

Mi Alma sundeck with lunch set up


milos at sea motor yacht cuisine min - Valef Yachts Chartering - 4306As always, world-class dining is offered by the private chefs aboard, leaving no need uncounted for during the charter. Yachting is the ultimate one-stop, all-inclusive luxury vacation, with no need to unpack more than once, organize and plan or even depart from your beautiful private yacht as all needs are attended to aboard.

Contact your trusted charter broker at Valef Yachts to ask about special rates and flexible booking terms that are offered this Summer season.