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Decadent yacht charters are getting a makeover, as wellness seekers want to maintain their holistic lifestyle while on vacation or jumpstart a new healthy regimen.

On board, Valef can provide an array of customizable fitness and wellness services from personalized menus accommodating any dietary restrictions including vegan, gluten and dairy free, to arranging private fitness and yoga instructors. Our dedicated yacht specialists can connect guests with the perfect yacht outfitted with sumptuous on board spa facilities complete with private therapist, stream and sauna rooms, gym, and salon. Guests can even add some fun and variety to their workouts with a choice of sea toys including paddle boarding, wake boards, scuba and snorkeling.

Beyond the boat, Valef offers insider intel on where to find the latest workouts and natural wellness attractions that abound in Greece, where guests can sweat in style, visit thermal hot springs, therapeutic mud baths or visit islands with natural spring water and locally grown superfoods…

Let travel teach your body something new as well when you get a local trainer in Greece.

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Let the equipment & trainers find you

Mykonos Fitness helps jetsetters maintain that beach body while on vacation with a mobile van packed with equipment bringing fitness directly to villas or yachts. Personal trainers offer a variety of workouts including Surfset, incorporating the fundamentals of surfing to work the core and multiple muscle groups for a fun, challenging workout.

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Naxos Island Gym view

Beneath the alluring unfinished Temple of Apollo – Portara – in Naxos, built in 530BC, let the spirit move you.

Naxos Island Gym is a luxury fitness club located on Grota Beach offering amazing sea views of the Temple of Apollo and Naxos port. Naxos Island Gym offers the latest fitness equipment from Hammer Strength, Lifefitness and Rogue catering to bodybuilding, weightlifting, Crossfit, TRX, personal and group training.


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Milos has numerous thermal hot springs all over the island, as one of the most active geothermal fields on the planet. Visitors can take a dip and reap the benefits of this natural wonder that boosts circulation, reduces stress, pain and even promotes sleep.  Relaxing on the moon-like rocks of the island, eating the local thyme-infused honey, swimming the salty sea with the Meltemi wind soothing your skin, or exploring caves… Milos will offer a place of tranquility and for the poetic among us, romance.  Feel like the Venus famous for the island after totally soothing yourself here, mind, body and soul.

santorini pali kameni wellness travel guide - Valef Yachts Chartering - 0754
Witness black & red sand beaches and the warm hues of the volcanic soil in Santorini alongside deep blues of the sea

Commune with nature and let your heart expand when you take in the colors of this rich island, once thought to be the island of the lost city of Atlantis.

Santorini’s informal Pali Kameni hot springs offer guests an authentic and traditional experience in this popular destination. Enjoy a soak in the rich green waters, complete with sulfuric mud, to alleviate aching joints and soothe skin.  Just don’t wear a white bathing suit while taking a dip!


The therapeutic mud baths at Kalogeros beach in Paros is a real hidden gem. Forever popular with locals, this secluded beach features natural clay for a full body mask to detoxify and tone skin. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off!  Want to go full in? Pour some olive oil on your hair for a rich mask while the mud hardens.  Then revert to your home spa ways, with a bottle of face oil from Opuntia Luxury Oils, made with organic Prickly Pear seed oil.  Grab a bottle or 2 in the neighboring trendy island of Anti Paros at the uber-chic More Than This Concept Store.

opuntia luxury oils face oil wellness travel guide
“Aromagetic” face oils made in Athens

Live to be One Hundred! Try some of these local secrets…

Nutritious local specialties can be found in Ikaria, one of the famed “Blue Zones”, known for their veggie-rich diet and high population of centenarians. Horta or dandelion greens are a seasonal wild superfood that grows on the island that is rich in antioxidants, minerals, calcium, iron, fiber, vitamins and lutein benefiting gut health and regulating blood pressure. Squeeze fresh Greek lemon on your greens for extra absorption of the nutrients and a zesty, hydrating tang.


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Andros fountains, photo courtesy of GrCycling

Take me to where the water flows pure and free.

Natural spring water sources can be found all over Greece, and Andros, an off-the-beaten path Cycladic island. Free to the public, healthy, refreshing and naturally pure, visitors can find spring water pouring through stone or marble fountains. Andros has even bottled it under the Sariza label, sourced from Apilikia village, for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Enjoy a cycling tour of this mountainous, at once green and arid, Cycladic island with GR Cycling.  Take a break to jump into the secret waterfalls nestled in the forrest behind some of Greece’s most breathtaking beaches.



number one catamaran fun min - Valef Yachts Chartering - 0825The beauty of the Med will surely inspire and Valef will be there every step to ensure guests feel rejuvenated so they can reconnect with mind, body and spirit. Valef Yachts lets you stay fit in style, and the company can arrange for fitness equipment, instructors or spa treatments on any if its over 400 vessels with or without built- in facilities.

Each journey is unique, let Valef Yachts set you off on yours.

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