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Have you ever fantasized about leaving your hectic-routine behind and moving to a charming Mediterranean island where the living is uncomplicated?

Finding unison with nature, adopting a fresh-Mediterranean diet and walking more are just the tip of the benefits that would be yours. The small Greek island of Antikythira is now offering you the chance to do this, and filling your pockets to do so!

Welcome to Antikythera – where mass tourism has bipassed this tiny island

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The main port of Antikythira – Photo by Google Panoramio

This charming island on the edge of the Aegean Sea in Greece with only 24 residents has created a plan to repopulate the island.  The Metropolitan Bishop of Kythera and Monemvasia along with the local council of the small island of Antikythera, aim to find families with more than three children who are willing to relocate and live permanently on the island. The stipend per family will be €500, free accommodations, and even free food, making an enticing package offer for those willing to start a new (island) life.

Local jobs offered vary from fishermen, stock-farmers, builders or bakers which according to the president of the local council, would guarantee a good income.  Electricity, phones and wifi do exist and of course the resources are limited, but the island does boast a potable freshwater spring.

opuntia in antikythira - Valef Yachts Chartering - 0877
Opuntia Ficus Indica growing wildly on the island

With breathtaking beaches and scenery, the artist in you will come alive or perhaps simply you will cultivate a reverence for the elements which create its wild beauty such as the wild herbs and Opuntia cactus. Minimalism is an aesthetic and lifestyle, becoming highly popular.

Natural Greek Skincare derived from the seeds of the Opuntia cactus fruit : OPUNTIA LUXURY OILS

Antikythera is an archaeological dream as well, with incredible finds dating to 60 BC.  Beyond fabulous bronze arms of exquisite statues, it’s most popular and valuable discovery was made in 1900 by sponge-divers in a Roman shipwreck where an amazingly preserved portion of the ‘Antikythera Mechanism’ was laying surprisingly preserved.  This, if you do not already know, is reputed to be the world’s first analogue computer. An ancient computer in a shipwreck is stuff movies are based on. It is no secret that secrets and treasures from the rich ancient life of Greeks is hidden and in plain view everywhere you go in this blessed country.

Discovery happens in your heart with each illuminated moment in the fabled and glorious sunshine. Would you leave it all behind and start anew on a tiny Greek island? Whilst considering it, come over, begin exploration and let your heart swell with the possibility!

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