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READY, SET, BOOKED.  Now, What To Pack For A Yachting Holiday?

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What to pack for a yachting holiday is one of those questions you want to be asking yourself! Yachting holidays are usually deemed as “luxury travel”, so lucky you – you are going on a luxury vacation.  Chartering a yacht will present some restrictions in what you pack to go yachting.  As in luxury hotel, cruise, and villa holidays, the traveler can pack pretty much whatever they want. Yachts are more restrictive to how much one can pack due to storage issues for luggage and clothes onboard.  Therefore, using some control in choosing what you take is imperative.

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It is always highly recommended to pack with folding, soft-sided luggage and duffle bags for easy storing in your stateroom, which tends to be much smaller than hotel rooms in luxury resorts, or possibly elsewhere onboard.  Consider also choosing outfits that you can re-purpose so that fewer items make the cut, but useful ones.

Firstly, however, consider the climate and weather conditions of the area you are traveling to.  A light jacket or sweater may be of use especially in the evenings on the water.  Unless you are planning an adventure sailing charter, you don’t need to pack a windbreaker!

Every charter group gets to choose the style in which they want to travel.

Whether the group prefers to don a coat and tie and evening clothes to dine at dinner or whether a sundress or pant and top for the women and casual shorts and shirt for the men is the dress code for all, surely it is up to the clients aboard.  Most charter parties do choose to be casual, comfortable and easy styled – as is fitting with relaxation.  Most yachts will have a basket or bin to place your shoes once you board and barefoot is the norm for comfort and not to damage the decks.  Not a bad time to schedule a pedicure before the trip. With that said, the no heels aboard rule is pretty standard for all yachts unless they are to be worn inside where there is carpeting.

Once in agreement for the general type of dress code then it is important to dress for the activities that all will experience.  Sun and fun are the main staples for a holiday on the sea.  Therefore, sun protection is of the utmost importance (sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, cover-ups and t-shirts). Water-water everywhere; sea toys galore and beautiful sandy beaches beckon all to indulge.  Swimsuits in number will be the most important item of all.  Activities to be considered: Are you going snorkeling or scuba diving and need a wet suit? Are you a hiker and want to traverse the island path, then hiking shoes or sneakers are needed? Do you need a flashy outfit to go clubbing?  Are you interested in sightseeing churches and monasteries, then shoulders need to be covered and no shorts?

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Don’t forget the personal small items for communication and entertainment such as laptops, headphones, cameras and of course chargers for all electronic equipment and plug converters if a different current aboard.  Ready to relax in the shade and read a good book, bring one along as well. Although the yachts have plenty of fun games and things to occupy your time, it is best to make sure the yacht you have chartered has your particular ones aboard (as your yacht charter broker) or bring them with you.

Keep most of your valuables at home as there is no need for most aboard.  If traveling abroad remember your passport and any visas or paperwork required. If foreign currency is needed pick up some to get started and have with you. If you plan to rent a car or moto on any island stop, don’t forget the driver’s license. If your yacht has a jetski aboard usually a small boat license is required in order to operate it. Indeed don’t overlook any medications required for the entire cruise and medical insurance cards.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can afford some room for the fun extras.

On vacation you want to pamper yourself so why not pack up your toiletry bag or kit with those goodies for indulging such as a luxurious facial oil, eye mask, or bath salts.  If you are staying in the Master stateroom or even a VIP stateroom on a luxury motor yacht you may have your own bathtub.  On vacation, your skin and hair may need extra love due to the saltwater and sun exposure.  When yachting, you should have the time to apply a hair or face masks, to feel and look your best as you exude the vacation glow.

Feeling thematic? Fun families, friend groups or groups in general, especially if there is a special occasion being celebrated aboard, like to dress up thematically at some point on the cruise.  Some choose to adopt a nautical motif for fun, arriving to the yacht in striped shirts and sailor hats or to represent the local culture with a theme night aboard.  In this case, decide with your charter party if you will make custom made t-shirts or what props to bring to realize your theme.

Lastly, don’t forget to leave some space for the trinkets and souvenirs you will pick up on your trip!  Some people even like to pack an empty duffel bag, just to haul their new items home on the return trip.

Bon voyage! Καλό ταξίδι! Buen viaje! Happy trails!


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