Kassandra Lefakinis and Achilles Kyrtsis’ luxury organic beauty oils have become a hit in the US and Europe.

When the couple vacationed in Mykonos some years ago, unwinding on a secluded beach while tossing ideas to the wind, they were unaware that an illuminated moment of discovery there would lead them on a journey into natural skincare and perfumery. Kassandra, growing up in the Greek summers with her family legacy in yacht chartering, met Achilles shortly after moving from the U.S. to Spain and then to Athens, Greece permanently. Achilles honed in on her idea to create a luxury brand of botanical oils inspired by Greek summers in the islands and the countryside.  He cultivated the vision to seize the spirit and aromas of the luxurious Mediterranean while offering actual skin healing solutions for a glowing, healthy complexion. The result, Opuntia Luxury Oils.

When on vacation. while relaxed and living in the moment, everything appears more luminous, beautiful, and whole. In this regard, the all-natural organic face oils create the feeling of being anywhere in the Mediterranean, with that ideal supple and dewy skin.  “The way you feel when in your element, relaxed let’s say on a beautiful Greek beach is how these oils make you feel! They are aromatic and effective,” says Kassandra.

Opuntia Luxury Oils Founders: Kassandra Lefakinis and Achilles Kyrtsis

The base of their oils is the exquisite and rare Opuntia oil, or Prickly Pear Seed oil, derived from the precious oil in Prickly Pear seeds.  This plant grows rampantly in Greece and the Mediterranean and its health benefits have been noted and implemented in ancient Greece.

The face oils have become a hit in the USA and in Europe with a growing awareness around the world by eco-savvy, forward-thinking yet basic-loving individuals who want a touch of the luxurious Med life in their day-to-day. A return to Nature seems obvious when addressing skin balance yet has been groundbreaking as the results trump those of toxic, well known, and even quite expensive skincare brands.  The formulas of Opuntia Luxury Oils are what truly sets them apart and the quality of the ingredients used.

This couple is on a mission to bring the Med to our homes, letting us exude the confidence that you get when there’s not a care in your mind, just a song in your heart.  They offer the Revival Day oil and Revival Night oil currently and will be unveiling new products soon!

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