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The legendary Greek island that is known around the globe for its decadent party life and care-free beach days fuelled by rosé wine amongst beautiful, happy people and pristine beaches is none other than Mykonos.

This Hedonist’s paradise where Utopian dreams blossom in the summer air offers world-class shopping until the early morning hours and a plethora of exquisite dining and drinking locales.  Establishments have adopted, on popular and more remote shores of the island, a bohemian twist which is the new norm. Here below are some such offerings.

Kassandra Lefakinis, co-owner of Valef Yachts International in Greece, shares her top six favorite places on the island.



valef scorpios restaurant 1 -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 6744

1. Scorpios

“Scorpios is my ideal place on Mykonos; beautiful music expresses notes from various cultures, people are inspired to dress with a nomadic or shamanic flair, suiting the natural beach scenery and you can move around like you own the place.” This multi-dimensional space spanning a peninsula offers spacious areas and nooks alike, food and drink, party and chill and most of all an aesthetically rich lifestyle concept.  One can enjoy yoga and revitalizing swims in the morning and then ease into the late afternoon with cocktails and lunch followed by a sunset party with live DJs beneath the swaying palms.  There’s also a chic boutique called Caravana, straight of out Tulum. The concept here is, “once you enter, you never want to leave!”

Find it: Paraga, Mikonos 846 00, Greece; scorpiosmykonos.com.



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2. Kiki’s

“Kiki’s taverna feels like a BBQ at your neighbor’s porch with a spectacular view. Everything is so minimal, authentically rustic, and that makes it simply perfect. No matter what you order, it’s divine.” On Aghios Sostis beach, overlooking the smaller beach and chapel, it takes no reservations so outside on any given summer day a row of sunned folk will be perched waiting blissfully for their turn to sit at a coveted table and satisfy their cravings.  This place went from the best insiders tip to a public favorite, only its distance from town and windy seas keep the crowds at bay. Open for lunch only as there’s no electricity.

Find it: 84600 Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece – View Facebook Page here >



fokos -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 1905

3. Fokos Restaurant

Located on Fokos beach, this out-of-the-way beach is scarcely known to tourists due to its quiet nature and absence of popular clubs/bars/restos.  Fokos Taverna, however, is a hidden gem with its authentic and fresh Greek food, serving soulful recipes on the beach.  “A good meal is guaranteed here in a non-pretentious setting with the late glow of the setting sun. It’s perfect when you need a break from the party or crowds and to remind yourself of the simple island life.”

Find it: Ano Mera 846 00 – www.fokosmykonos.com



4. Spilia Seaside Restaurant

One feels like a pirate feasting on fruits of the sea in this little seaside restaurant in a cave accessed by a wooden footbridge from the beach or directly by boat. “Something like discovering a secret place, unseen by land, is what also makes this place special.” Hidden on Aghia Anna Kalafatis beach, the hot spot with the jet set offers sea urchin pasta and crustaceans of all sorts served up fresh. “It’s hard to imagine a more ideal setting to dine in the Mediterranean.”

Find it: Agia Anna Beach, Kalafatis, Ano Mera, 84600 Mykonos island; spiliarestaurant.gr



valef Alemagou restaurant 1 -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 6741

5. Alemagou

This desert-like outpost in Tarsanas beach at one end of Ftelia beach has an aura of Mexico with its cactus and décor yet when sunset hits, its Mykonian roots are exposed.  Swimsuits and sandy feet move from cabana to the resto at this laid-back lair as day shifts to night. “I love lounging at the amply spaced-out sunbeds in the late afternoon, the causal socializing, the beach tent shop (score some Opuntia Luxury Oils for your face, with prickly pear seed oil!), and the food options. It’s a place of cozy and organic revelry.”

Find it: Ftelia, 84600, Mykonos;  www.alemagou.gr/



appaloosa mykonos -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 1904

6. Appaloosa

“It’s become a tradition to make this my first stop on my first night on the island, on a night out in town.”  This Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar is an intimate oasis of dimly lit lanterns and seductive social vibes, tucked into an alley just beyond the popular streets.  The little balcony at the entrance seats two groups outside, small tables across the alley allow a few couples to become part of the street scene and indoors, of course, the full ambiance is experienced. This restaurant can be enjoyed as a bar as well, grazing on guacamole and sipping on aged tequila in a tranquil and private setting. “The perfect place to let your mood ripen for further evening rounds.”

Find it: Maurogeni st. Goumenio sq
Mykonos Town, Mykonos island;  www.appaloosa-mykonos.com  



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