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An unforgettable multi-sensory discovery of Greece through endless, dreamy summers aboard beautiful yachts…

Get to know Kassandra Lefakinis, Managing Partner of Valef Yachts, through her memories of cruising the Aegean Sea aboard family yachts,  The lifestyle of dreams, experienced in a child’s naive world of wonder, is ready to be experienced through this piece available below.  Keep your eyes on the horizon and dive into the blue!

back of a girl on a boat

As featured in INSIGHTS GREECE

By Kassandra Lefakinis

Marina Zeas, once the sole point of reference for yachting in Greece and departure point for flying dolphins, is now just one of several impressive marinas near Athens. For me personally, growing up in the Greek yachting world, Marina Zeas was the epicenter of my summer life and the launch point for exquisite nautical summer memories.


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