Motor Sailers

Motor Sailers

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Motor yachts are considered the highest level of luxury yachts for charter. With high cruising speeds, spacious interior areas (salons, cabins etc.) and large deck spaces, they have held their mark as the top in luxury yachting. The largest advantage of a motor yacht is its speed and the capability to get from one destination to the next in less time. Motor yachts also have shallow drafts which allows for easier navigation along coastlines making coves more easily attainable and docking an easier task. Most first time charterers gravitate towards motor yachts due to their speed and space which typically means more on-board facilities and opportunities for more recreational activities.
1. White Pearl exterior valef yachts - Valef Yachts Chartering


33.83M / 111F 12 Guests 6 Cabins from €37,800/day

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myra motor sailer exteriors (28) (Custom) - Valef Yachts Chartering


27.43M / 90F 12 Guests 6 Cabins from €25,000/day

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prince motor sailer profile (1) -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 0895


25.3M / 83F 6 Guests 3 Cabins from €27,300/day

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aegeas motor sailer profile -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 0088


15.24M / 50F 8 Guests 4 Cabins from €5,100/day

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entre cielos gullet profile min -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 3826


31.7M / 104F 10 Guests 5 Cabins from €25,000/day

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althea motor sailer profile (1) min -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 0431


37.49M / 123F 11 Guests 5 Cabins from €41,500/day

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matina motor sailer gulet profiel -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 1815


38.1M / 125F 18 Guests 8 Cabins from €41,300/day

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LIANA H -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 7332


25.85M / 84.8F 12 Guests 5 Cabins from €27,300/day

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iraklis l motor sailer profile (1) min -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 1807


31.91M / 104.7F 14 Guests 6 Cabins from €52,500/day

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arktos motor sailer profile (1) min -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 2244


34.63M / 113.6F 11 Guests 5 Cabins from €37,000/day

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almyra motor salier profile min -  Valef Yachts Chartering - 3225


25.3M / 83F 12 Guests 5 Cabins from €24,000/day

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