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Chartering yachts for the family vacation has become increasingly popular.  Yachts are one of the best venues for having families spend time together making amazing childhood memories, new adult memories, deepening the bond of family members, (whether it be grandparents, immediate or extended family members) and having an adventure aboard their own private charter yacht. Choosing the right yacht allows you to customize your experience to the families’ requirements. Trusting your yacht broker to guide you through the steps makes the journey easy.


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m/y Annouka Ferretti Charter Yacht in Greece

Your qualified yacht broker will guide you through the options once they are given a general background of the group’s desires and make up.  Knowing the approximate dates of travel and budget, size of the group, ages of all aboard and most-wanted activities , makes the broker’s job much easier.

One of the first things to begin with is the ages and desires of the members of the family that will be chartering the yacht.  Age groups are important to maximize quality time for all.  Whether it be full of adventure, relaxation, playing in the fresh air and sea with a myriad of sea toys, site seeing and shopping, looking for cultural insights, gourmet dining or sitting back and sunbathing, there is something for all ages to enjoy. Everyone’s experience will be unparalleled aboard their own private charter yacht. There are numerous ways to keep the most restless of travelers occupied.  From toddlers to grandparents there are age-appropriate activities suited for all ages not allowing anyone to get bored.

Often you can find a designated “playroom” aboard to keep the little ones busy. They can be equipped with all kinds of toys, books and games. The main salon usually has nooks and crannies to cozy up with a good book, fully stocked bars, game boards and entertainment systems to rival the best. Karaoke can even be found aboard some charter yachts.  If you are more sports minded and a fitness enthusiast then visit the on-board gym, sauna or pool that may be aboard or wander to the aft deck and swim platform to delve into the array of sea toys all yachts have aboard. Endless adventures can be had right from the yacht itself.  There is snorkeling, swimming, beach combing, shell hunting, trekking, and sandcastle building with no equipment required.  Open the treasure chest of sea toys and jump aboard a jet ski, wave runner, kite board, paddle board, efoil, water ski or any of the other myriad of toys aboard.  Yacht chartering provides the flexibility and freedom to indulge in each one’s favorite activity at their own pace or learn a new skill and activity for Summer fun.

If you are cruising with young children, they must be carefully monitored, and their safety is always a concern and will be well met by all crew aboard.  It is important to know that the crew aboard are comfortable around children and have experience in being with them.  Knowing the crew is highly motivated to assist and play with the children is a great comfort.  A fabulous professional and experienced crew can help make the yachting experience extraordinary.  Nannies/babysitters can be hired for direct one-on-one care or bring a caretaker with you aboard if you wish for more supervision.  You must allocate one cabin for their housing.

Looking at the accommodation and layout of the yacht is important in understanding the size and configuration the yacht will be.  How many Double staterooms, twins, pullman berths will be required?  Do young children need room for a caretaker in their cabin or need to be near a parent’s room?  Do you need any cabins to be on the main deck not having to maneuver the stairs for elderly members of the family?  Can numerous children sleep in one room?  These logistical questions will help determine the size of the yacht. Being aboard surely beats switching hotel rooms from one destination to the next for the family en mass.  On yachts you settle in and unpack only once!

Budget must be kept in mind, and it will be most surprising to see that the all-in costs can whisk a family away on a yachting adventure for not much more than traveling from hotel to hotel. Should the utmost in luxurious housing be desired, it doesn’t get better than on one of the super mega yachts ready to be chartered. First class, five-star service and gold-star amenities are to be discovered aboard some of the biggest and most opulent yachts on the charter market.


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m/y Eden megayacht

We all know that not everyone likes the same food choices.  Indeed, most children will prefer the simple hamburger or pasta meal to a gourmet meal.  Aboard a charter yacht the chef is well versed in preparing food for all tastes and degrees of haute cuisine or not. Fussy eaters, both young and old, can be a challenge.  The chef will delight in preparing extraordinary meals to please all.  Baby food and formula will all be found aboard if required. Yacht chefs are used to catering to all generations from small little tykes to grandparents. Food draws all people together and dining as a family as one brings a further sense of bonding.  Exploring and tasting new and exotic dishes helps create new senses and new memories for all.

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Chartering a private yacht can take the clients to destinations around the world.  It is a magnificent way to explore new cultures, sites, and new countries.  The educational opportunities aboard abound for all to enjoy. New languages, local delicacies, traditions, and cultural sites are all always surrounding you.  It is an educational opportunity to learn about the sea, yachting and the new culture and local fare.  Many breathtaking experiences and memorable moments will be forged. Both the young and old will find so many shared interests.

Your floating villa, your yacht, will have all the comforts of home and yet more excitement than one could fathom. Both the adults and children will relax in unsurpassed luxury and will explore endless adventure. The parents and grandparents get to sit back and be catered to and indulge in pure relaxation knowing the children are all well cared for.  The children will not be needing much “screen-time” to be entertained, as the beaches, the sea and abundance of sea toys will be occupying their waking moments.  More quality time will be spent with the family.  More than likely the children will retreat to bed exhausted, happy and content to rest so they can begin it all again the following day.  They will be refreshed and full of excitement to see what more is in store for them on this magical yachting journey.

Best said, “What plays together – stays together.”


Valef Yachts is a family-run business with over 50 years of experience in yachting and an expert in helping craft the picture-perfect family-friendly yacht charter. Yachting offers the family the opportunity to explore new worlds at their own pace. Come explore new horizons as a family and play together!



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