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The Film Production Charter / Rentals

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Film and TV productions require a team of experts well-equipped for the crucial production period to go off with minimal delays and surprises.  Proper preparation is vital to the success of productions; Valef can be more than just your charter brokers, supplying you with information key to pre-production.  With intimate knowledge of the land in Greece, suppliers, local customs and laws, and a wide portfolio of contacts in various useful fields, we advise the production team accordingly. Our passion for TV, media and film work has be present since the start of our company and continues to this day.  We welcome all inquiries for yacht chartering for your upcoming project and for our unlimited logistic, strategic, and creative support to realize your vision.

Film Production

TV Commercial Shoots

Get the right message across to your potential clients with imagery of mega yachts, motor yachts, gulets, sailing yachts, fancy tenders and speed boats or rustic traditional boats. Capture unique destinations accessible only by boat, chartered by Valef Yachts. Suprise your clients with unique focal scenery or backdrop. Whether a yacht is featured on-screen or simply used to facilitate incredible scenic shots, allow us to help you choose the right vessel with the specifications required.

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Style your next campaign aboard a charter yacht, in any season, taking advantage of the yachts interior spaces or making use of the deck spaces, cruising or docked in harbor. The nautical ambiance always adds a touch of drama.

Reality & Travel Shows

Valef is no stranger to reality show shootings on board. We have helped produce and secure the yachts for Carmen Electra's Perfect Catch, E!'s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, MTV's Geordie Shore and more. MTV and E! Entertainment productions have worked closely with our staff to exchange know-how and produce unforgettable footage and episodes in locations advised by our team, on board yachts chartered through us. The contracts and logistics for TV show charters differ from those of straight-forward leisure charters, and our team is equipped and experienced in these procedures. Valef has supported numerous travel shows and can assist foreign production teams through partnerships with local, trusted agencies.