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The Event Charter

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When our clients entrust us with creating Memories for them that will last forever we consider that serious business. The overall experience is what we obsess about. From the Travel to and from your yacht to the quality of the linens you lay your head on we focus on every single detail. Whatever occasion that deserves special attention, consider it aboard a luxury yacht!

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Event Charter Offerings

Weddings & Anniversaries

Destination weddings on fairytale-like islands with a yacht or villa for the reception can be easily arranged with our enthusiastic team! We work with the best event planners, caterers, photographers, make-up artists, DJs and florists and our Concierge department can seamlessly weave everything together. Speak to us to get the ideas flowing, surely we can cover your needs and also ignite your fantasies! [enter][enter][enter][light-btn url="#open-contact"]Inquire Now[/light-btn]

Aegean Film Festival

Outdoor cinema on the Greek islands, parties, premieres and mingling with established and upcoming filmmakers and actors, that is what you can expect and more from the Aegean Film Festival. The Aegean is a unique meeting point for filmmakers and storytellers from around the world. For twelve days each July, in two Greek islands, new collaborations with film festivals from near and far are making this happening an event of note. Charter a yacht to join the next best festival in film and squander your days in summery, creative delight. [enter][enter][enter][light-btn url="#open-contact"]Inquire Now[/light-btn]

Grand Prix of Monaco

No race or circuit of the Formula 1 Calendar can truly match the excellence, the glamour and the challenge of the Monaco Grand Prix. From Casino Square to the World's most famous Hairpin, through the tunnel and past the luxurious yachts, Monte Carlo is a circuit of legendary corners full of history. A yacht charter with secured berth in Monaco port allows you to take part in this World-class event. Extremely challenging, the narrow circuit through the glamorous streets of the Principality has fueled dreams in Motorsports for decades. The tight circuit with almost no overtaking opportunities is extremely hard to master, and the victor’s pride and joy becomes cause for a worldwide celebration, especially locally. [enter][enter][enter][light-btn url="#open-contact"]Inquire Now[/light-btn]

Spetses Classic Sailing Regatta

The Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta is a unique 4-day event organized by the Yacht Club of Greece, set in the historic and alluring Argo-Saronic island of Spetses. In the Argo-Saronic Gulf, a series of classic yachts (Classic Boats, Traditional Caiques, Traditional Lateens, Dragons) form an exquisite parade, with crews from Greece and around the world. Parties splash the island with sentiments of pride, hope, desire and victory and the June weather sustains a feeling of fresh beginnings and excitement. Take part in the race with one of our charter sailing yachts or join the happenings with any chartered Valef yacht, and enjoy your own pace! [enter][enter][enter][light-btn url="#open-contact"]Inquire Now[/light-btn]

Life Milestones

In the event of a life milestone, commemorate it with a special holiday surrounded by loved ones. A chartered yacht is perfect for the occasion of retirement, a job promotion, a special birthday, recovery from illness, an anniversary, graduation and more. Make it something to remember and let your joy run wild. We will be sure to take care of the important details that will set this holiday apart from any other. [enter][enter][enter][light-btn url="#open-contact"]Inquire Now[/light-btn]

Private Parties

When you charter a yacht, its yours for the charter period! Invite your friends, family and colleagues on board for a deluxe party - enjoying the yacht chef's creations or private catering aboard, cocktails mixed by the stewards or by hired Mixologists and Baristas, music of the DJ or hired musicians. underwater yacht lights or extra spot lighting to highlight specific yacht features and ambiance of the yacht in Summer's glory. Valef can execute all elements for a grand party, according to your taste. [enter][enter][enter][light-btn url="#open-contact"]Inquire Now[/light-btn]