Let your stomach be your guide, and the satisfaction in your soul confirm your restaurant choice. We reveal here our favorite top restaurants in Greece and in the Mediterranean.

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Some top restaurants are easily found via Google search, highlighted by distinctions like Michelin Stars, famous chefs, or are simply cult favorites. Other dining spots remain more hidden from the public, known only to locals or kept secret until the word finally gets out. Those gems can be discovered from friends in the know and places like this Travel Guide.  We keep our top favorite restaurants to tell you in person and here you can find some fantastic round-ups of noteworthy places to dine.

We will make round-ups of the top five places to eat in specific areas in Greece like the frequently visited Cyclades island group. We highlight unique places we have fallen in love with, well worth a visit.  Let your dining experience on holiday be defining moments of joy, with your shared good company. Bring home delectable memories and ideas for recipes you may or may not get around to recreating!  Our Concierge team looks forward to your feedback, as always, to keep our recommendations as top of the line as possible. What more is a restaurant after all than the sum of its reviews?!

Leave it to us to ‘get out there’ each season trying the best of the best and those secretive spots we hear about and love to uncover.

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