Top Beach Bars in the Mediterranean

Life is a beach, preferably with a beach bar on it! While cruising the Mediterranean, visit some of the top beach bars and clubs that the islands have to offer. From hot spots on the Athenian Riviera to atmospheric places on coveted Greek islands, check out our lists of best places.

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Follow our lists of the top beach bars in the Mediterranean and add fun to your long days and nights of bliss.  Be pampered by your own steward and stewardess aboard your charter yacht but don’t forget to partake in the party places around the islands.  Revive the thrillseeker in you and let the music guide you.  Feel like a local while unwinding in luxurious atmospheres like the most trending and “in” places around the Mediterranean.

In Greece, the land blessed by the Gods, join the revelry the way the ancients did.  Think of Dionysis, the Greek God of revelry, sipping nectar in the most inspiring of places.  Think of the famous Zorbas The Greek with his zest for life, dancing day to night. With your private company or in the presence of other global revelers, keep the tradition going by visiting the local top beach bars.

A plethora of the top beach bars in the Mediterranean invite you to enter barefoot and in your swimming attire while others require chic garb.  Leave your high-heels behind. The infamy of the Mediterranean party scene is a large part of the allure of this area for the luxury traveler, whether you are dining in style or sipping at obscure locales. The decor is usually minimal and islandy, leaving your eyes to rest on the natural scenery. Be inspired in every way by following the modern-day cultural habits of the locals.

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