Here we highlight persons of interest, related to the yacht charter business directly or indirectly.  On a yacht charter the crew is so important, and when booking and seeing through a yacht charter the broker is of utmost importance.  We honor the People behind the magic.

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As a family business, active since 1969, we pride ourselves on the person to person aspect of our communication and process in yacht chartering.  We believe that getting to know the people behind the scenes adds extra value to your lives!

It is always the people with whom you deal with that make an experience worthwhile. We believe that choosing the right partners and cooperators is a big part of what makes our company a success.  Forged relationship over the past half a century as made Valef Yachts stronger and ultimately more reliable for the client. In this category we are highlighting the people that are behind big ideas. We highlight those behind companies, yacht brands, yacht crews or simply people that live passionately in line with the spirit in which we approach a vacation – eager, open-minded, ready. 

Join us as we reveal bits and pieces that make someone a unique character and that define them to others or even themselves.  Let us interview them or highlight to you some defining traits and moments. We are pleased to welcome you to various people, from different trades and industries.  We feature yacht crew, Captains, chefs, company employees, Masters of trade, sommeliers, and those living their dreams, just to inspire you.

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