Valef Yachts is a yacht charter company in the Yachting industry.  In this category we highlight industry news ranging from yacht builds, new yachts on the charter market, events and more.

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The whole yacht industry has a lot to offer and with a yacht charter, we combine a century of knowledge in the industry with our professional known-how of more than fifty years.  Our team of experts has an acute understanding of the global yachting industry. We have established professional relationships spanning continents and industries.

Our aim as Greece’s pioneer yacht charter firm is to provide exceptional service to our clients and offer the passion for discovery that awakens in your soul when cruising or sailing the seas.

The Greek yachting industry was born in 1969 with our company’s founding by Vasilios Lefakinis.  The establishing of major associations supporting the local yachting industry was vital to the existence and perseverance of the industry and to upkeep quality standards. The Yacht Owners Association was founded as well as the Hellenic Yacht Brokers Association which have led to the thriving industry which we see today.  Valef Yachts published Greece’s first yachting magazine called Sea & Yachting which helped spread industry news and offer an outlet to those devoted to the industry. In this category we welcome various topics that circle back around to our beloved yachting industry, globally or locally.

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