With over 4,000 inhabited islands in Greece and thousands more around the Mediterranean, we will be featuring island profiles and interests on and of particular islands and island groups.  Greece hosts the Ionian, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades and Argo-Saronic islands groups. Finally, the island of Crete in the South of Greece is a group on it’s own.

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Join us in discovering the magical Greek islands and beyond as we delve into the characteristics and defining traits of the thousands of Greek islands available by yacht charter.  While ferries offer routes to many Greek islands, very few routes connect the islands. This makes island hopping a cumbersome task rather than a breathtaking odyssey.

On a private yacht there is the freedom to select your own itinerary along with the yacht Captain and cruise or sail at your leisure.  Stop for as long as you like on any given island; the islands are so close that one does not require more than 3 hours on average cruising to the next. The Cyclades are the most known Greek island group to the world and features the most popular islands, Mykonos and Santorini.  Blue domes and white-washed houses may come to mind, dramatic cliffs offering vivid orange sunset views in Santorini or the quintessential row of windmills overlooking Little Venice in Mykonos. By yacht, uncover lesser known islands that will take your breath away. From uninhabited islands with pristine water to populated quiet or bustling islands with charming port towns, the offerings are endless.  Define your ideal type of vacation to our team and allow us to propose to you exquisite charter routes to follow.

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