A yacht charter can provide you with numerous experiences whether it is gourmet dining or adventure sports or wellness.  As a full-service yacht charter brokerage firm, we offer a range of “experiences”, in case something extra is desired on your yacht holiday.  Speak to our Concierge team for ideas or let the cruise itself be an experience.

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Who doesn’t want that something extra on their much-needed and anticipated vacation? Experiential Travel has taken off the past few years as we all are seeking extra value in our precious days and when it is paid for days of holiday, that value should be packed in!  We love discovering new experiences that our yacht charter guests can try. Dive into the Mediterranean spirit with local cooking classes in vineyards and orchards in the country. Sample local wine under the Greek sun. Visit a local farm and see the traditional way of life. Enjoy fine dining with the most breathtaking views or tour the ancient ruins with a top-level tour guide.  We aim to make each day spent on your yacht charter one to remember, with rich experiences catering to the five senses. Why not go the extra step and pre-book some classes, tours and other experiences provided by our team. In this category you will get a taste for the exciting experiences of life in the Mediterranean. If you have a milestone or celebration approaching, consider a dynamic itinerary created for you especially by us.  Enhance your days with those quality extra elements that excite the soul and linger in your memory.

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