Dining is a joy on any holiday and vacation. Whether you are sampling the Michelin Star restaurants of the world, the local tavernas or the talents of your own private chef aboard your charter yacht, one thing is for sure – dining is half the pleasure of your holiday.

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Allow the Concierge team at Valef Yachts to offer you the best dining places for your holiday in Greece.  We know that a holistic culinary experience on vacation offers a medley of fine dining, hot spots and local haunts unknown to the typical tourist.  With our custom recommendations for you, you can be sure of great food and beverage experiences on your shore excursions. Dining aboard your yacht is usually unsurpassed even by the best restaurants.  For those that love to be catered to and pampered by their yacht crew (who doesn’t?!), meals shared aboard are highly memorable and often repeated. We always suggest speaking to your chef daily to relay your wishes for the day’s menu. Be sure to advise on meal times, heavy or hearty and whatever else your heart desires, then kick back and enjoy the flavors. Eating onboard creates memories that last for years to come.  The chef on the yacht will be able to be flexible to various dietary restrictions including gluten-free, vegan, kosher and more. Enjoy a flavor odyssey on holiday through the dining experience!

We will provide you with a list of places to keep in mind or can simply recommend and book a table for you when and where needed.  Don’t miss the chance for an excellent meal.

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