Onboard your luxury charter yacht you will find a crew equipped to serve you and your charter party throughout your cruise.  One of the most important or rather memorable members is always the chef! Valef Yachts gathers important information on your dietary needs, desires and restrictions and liaises with the chef in order to make a menu that will inspire.

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Your yachts chef is responsible for creating the food and beverages menu onboard. Each day he/she designs a menu that will cater to your needs and wishes!  Should you find yourself in a secluded bay all day and all night, with the shining stars above to light your evening and the quiet waters to dip into for a night swim, the chef will be sure to make all meals aboard.  Perhaps a seafood inspired theme for dinner and for lunch a meze-style buffet just right for a day of activities on the water such as jetski. The chef speaks to you daily to propose meal options and is sure to prepare each morning for the days meals.  It is the chefs job to inspire and excite you with local flavors and yet provide you with the comforts of the foods and meal styles you prefer. One thing we promise is that you will not be able to imagine the degree of satisfaction you could have while dining aboard daily on your own private charter yacht. If you feel a few pounds or kilos heavier at the end of the meal, you have done it right!  Discover the joy of the Mediterranean diet and cuisine while cruising the Mediterranean, savoring each and every bite.

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