A yacht charter is the rental of a private yacht for a specified amount of time to enjoy the privacy and luxury aboard.  A bareboat charter is without crew while a crewed yacht comes with the full service provided by the yachts crew. Enjoy cruising the Aegean Sea and exceptional itineraries or even use your yacht as a floating villa.

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Whether you are new to yacht chartering or a seasoned charterer, the experience always feels once in a lifetime. Private yacht charters allows you the freedom to choose your own itinerary, along with the Captain. Enjoy the utmost privacy in this unique mode of travel.  With top service by your own yacht crew, dine sumptuously aboard, being served meals prepared specially for you by the yacht chef. Valef Yacht’s concierge team works closely with the yacht crew to deliver your preferences. This creates an outstanding experience, in every aspect, onboard your yacht.  On a yacht charter, you enjoy the best of each destination, seen uniquely by sea.  Visit cultural and heritage sites, swim at beautiful beaches, explore antiquities and quaint or cosmopolitan towns. Of course, utilize and relish the sea toys, facilities, and amenities aboard your selected yacht.

Custom yacht charters can be totally thematic!  Valef can offer niche and experiential vacations aboard by catering the charter to your needs and desires.  Whether you seek Wellness aboard, a celebration for a milestone, or an easy-going family trip, your yacht charter can be customized making a truly unique encounter.

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