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‘Ambrosia’ is food of the Gods. Perhaps you conjure images of plush and juicy grapes being dipped into the mouth leisurely by a naked body reclined by the sea. Or heavenly bodies feasting on fresh vegetables and fruits and sweet delicacies. Anything fit for a God, by nature, must be Godly and therefore with this ambrosian healthy item, prepared to perfection, you will be sure to be transported to heaven.

The delicate Zucchini blossom – stuffed with goodness.

zucchini blossoms on a spread
Ingredients for crispy roasted zucchini flowers/blossoms

Greek cuisine accentuates the simplicity and beauty of nature’s products.  The medley of the full-flavor Greek tomatoes, salty and rich feta cheese and pungent dried oregano which comprises the famous Greek salad is such an example.  Highlighting even more so the beauty of nature’s bounty, is the Greek dish stuffed zucchini blossoms: the blossom of a zucchini becomes the delicate vessel for a fluffy combination of herbs and cheese.  Many may not even know that the zucchini has a floral blossom at all!

Stuffed zucchini blossoms are the perfect side dish for an elegant Greek meal or a vegetarian’s main meal (along with salads, dips and meze of course!).  The blossoms are filled with a creamy mixture of ricotta cheese, crushed garlic, fresh basil, beaten egg and a little sea salt. They are then dipped into a light batter of flour and soda water and then deep-fried for a few minutes until they take on a light golden color making them a bit crispy when the fork cuts into one.  The insides contrast so well with the crispy outer layer by offering a warm and aromatic mixture.

This delicate food item is popular in the cuisines of Italy and Greece and within Greece, particularly the island of Crete.  Therefore, enjoying a dish made with them is a summery Mediterranean delight.  They will be served at nice tavernas throughout Greece and gourmet restaurants alike as they are such a delicate item, not easy for all to command into a tasty dish. Enjoy with some chilled Greek white wine or a glass of ouzo in the afternoon, and preferably by the sea .

Where can you find zucchini (or squash) blossoms?

Find them at the farmers markets or in Greece at the local “laiki” (open air produce market).  When they are in season (late Spring through early Fall) they can be found at some grocery stores. Look for bright blooms that are shapely and not limp, then use them as quickly as possible after buying.  Of course, the best way to experience these is served hot and fresh from a fantastic restaurant in a beautiful locale or aboard your charter yacht by the yacht’s chef. Such a dish is usually made by those who know a family recipe as its been passed down through generations and made so often it’s as if written in the DNA or by a masterful chef who loves to use seasonal produce and show off their skill using fragile and unusual vegetable parts.

A joy of world travel is experiencing new flavors and trying new food items. You can heighten your culinary repertoire and culture by including these in your diet on your next visit to Greece or Italy.  The divine zucchini flower will certainly be a stamp on your culinary passport!

Our recommendation is to DIVE IN to experience the DIVINITY of these tasty morsels.  Now, if it’s to be brave creating this dish, that is up to you.


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