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“Passpartout Pouch” – Watch out

“Passpartout Pouch” – Watch out

“Passpartout Pouch” – Watch out

The perfect summer pochette re-visited by Sun of a Beach. Inspired by the beach towel themes, the “Passepartout” is one of those beach essentials that one can carry when out and about, while discovering an island, day or night! It is a multi-purpose little bag! Use it as a cosmetic or sunscreen case, or somewhere to store your valuables while on the beach, or just to keep personal items close while lounging onboard!  It is so pretty and just the right size to be used even as an informal clutch bag.

PATTERN: "Watch Out"

  • Free delivery to your yacht
  • Multi-use pochette
  • Made of 100% cotton poplin and 100% cotton towel
  • It features a colorful zip and a natural cord
  • Size: 20cm x 30cm
  • Machine wash 30 degree
  • Pair yours with the Caldera towel


*5% of proceeds are donated to the creation and maintenance of Greece's first Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Santorini


Price: 35.00€

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