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“Signature” beach towel – Patmos

“Signature” beach towel – Patmos

“Signature” beach towel – Patmos

Sun of a Beach's “Signature” line is their first and most premium range of beach towels. The towels are double-sided for extra absorbency and softness. They are made out of super-soft Egyptian cotton and the softest cotton poplin fabric in different striking prints. You will enjoy sunbathing on this beach towel so much, that you risk getting carried away, so make sure you don’t forget the sunscreen!

PATTERN: "Patmos"

  • Free delivery to your yacht
  • Double sided beach towel
  • Size: 100cm x 145cm
  • 100% Egyptian cotton towel
  • 100% cotton poplin fabric
  • 30 degree machine wash
  • It comes with a free burlap bag that is perfect as a beach bag


*5% of proceeds are donated to the creation and maintenance of Greece's first Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Santorini.


Price: 115.00€

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