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Envelope Pouch – “Caldera”

Envelope Pouch – “Caldera”

Envelope Pouch – “Caldera”

A stylish alternative to a day-to-night summer pouch. The Sun of a Beach Envelope pouch is supple, lined with 100% cotton towel and decorated with eye-catching printed canvas. It features an inner pocket, and has a soft rope knot.  Choose the design that suits your summer looks and off you go!

PATTERN: "Caldera"


  • Free delivery to the yacht
  • Made of 100% cotton canvas and 100% cotton towel
  • It has an inner pocket
  • Size: 25cm x 35cm
  • Dry clean


*5% of proceeds are donated to the creation and maintenance of Greece's first Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Santorini.


Price: 60.00€

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