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Atokos pouch

Atokos pouch

Atokos pouch

Length: 37cm

Height: 25cm

- Upcycled Spinnaker nylon

- Tough zip closure

- Inside Upcycled Dacron Essentials product

- Generous padding


Atokos - the personal pouch
Atokos is a personal pouch made from upcycled spinnaker - the most dramatic sail in a yachts wardrobe. We love to use it both as a folio as well as an accessories pouch inside a larger bag. We padded the spinnaker nylon with extra protective layers to make sure your belongings are well taken care of and finished it off with a plush cotton lining.
An ideal bag for an easy day in the city. And an airport. And a train. Take anything anywhere snugly.

Atokos 38.486°N 20.814°E

Atokos is a small Greek island in the Ionian Sea, off the coast of Acarnania. It is the most westerly and perhaps remotest of the Echinades islands. Sailing along its coasts offers a unique scenery for activities such as devouring salty, freshly washed off in the sea, peaches, pantone hunting, and shooting selfies in front of majestic backgrounds.

 Every Salty Bag is unique. Please keep in mind that due to material variations actual products may differ from the ones displayed above


Price: 65.00€

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