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Salty bag

About your Salty bag

Salty bag is an upcycling company, taking discarded and retired sails and giving them a new life and value. Every Salty Bag is designed to be reused or to end up as something else besides waste.

Salty Bags are made from sails that lived their lives in Greece and the Mediterranean. Every sail comes with its own unique stories.  No two Salty Bags are alike. There are differences in texture, color, stitching and aging depending how hard and how often each sail was used.

Every sail is handcrafted – cut and traced by hand and then carefully washed in the most environmentally responsible possible.

The world doesn’t need another bag, Salty Bag makes sure you get much more than that. To do that the bags are made:

  • From upcycled discarded sails, transforming them from thrown away sail cloth into unique, elegantly designed bags and travel accessories, giving them new life and new value.
  • Designed for reuse.  Every Salty Bag is designed to end up as something else other than trash down the road.
  • Handcrafted with great care and attention to detail, with “meraki”, or by putting a part of our soul into every Salty Bag.
  • With locally sourced excellence or barring that with the best the world has to offer. Everywhere possible sourcing from quality driven local manufacturers. Where we can’t source locally, we focus on great quality.
  • With a story to tell. Where the sail lived, why it was retired, and what it saw during it’s life. We pass on to it’s new owner these stories of races across seas, of quiet coves and starry nights, of the adventures that only a life at sea can offer. Never letting a story slip into Lethe again. We even developed a rule for that: Never design for the sake of the form, design for the sake of the stories.


Cassiopi duffle

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Anafi tote

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Astrakeri tote

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Armathea Beach bag

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